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What magical thing are you here to do?

By telling your story, you identify your emotional blocks and limiting beliefs. I believe this is how we uncover true purpose and a joyous life.

We all have amazing gifts that need sharing with the world. Our pain is a gift of healing we are meant to share with others.

I want to hear the amazing story that is YOU.

Knowing I had cancer…

Was the biggest gift I ever received. I was shown my intuitive abilities in high definition. Now I use these energies to help others move through their blocks.

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If you're ready to stop struggling and start flowing, we should talk.

I’m ready...are you?

Joy Parrish

"Her inuitive accuracy is phenomenal!"

"I always leave Michelle's readings feeling focused on what I need to do next in my life. She is the perfect mix of professional, funny, calming, and confident in her sessions. A true blessing indeed!"

Joy Parrish • Licensed Professional Counselor • Emmy Award Winning Producer

Laura Licata

"I've come out of the closet as a website channeller!"

"I've been hiding my woo side in my business for years. I didn't think I could be myself in MY OWN business. I create websites and I was always channelling in the designs from the beginning and using my energy healing in the process. I totally hid this.

I also hid my story and my woo side by having a really bland about page on my website.

That is until working with Michelle DeWitt. Through multiple readings Michelle inspired me to come out of the woo closet after 3 years of hiding and trying hard to always stay “professional”.

Something has opened up in me!"

Laura Licata • Web Designer • Psychic Healer

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