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Knowing I had cancer…

Was the biggest gift I ever received. I was shown my intuitive abilities in high definition. Now I use these energies to help others move through their blocks.

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Joy Parrish

"Her accuracy is phenomenal!"

"Michelle is a wonderful light in this world!! The second I met Michelle I knew I was in good hands. Michelle makes you feel comfortable and is so passionate about what she does, you know all of her messages are coming from the highest good. She is the perfect mix of professional, funny, calming, and confident in her readings. I highly recommend getting multiple readings as each one gets better and more in depth. Plus, she's just a lovely person to be around! Her accuracy is phenomenal. I always leave Michelle's readings feeling grounded and focused on what I need to do next in my life. A true blessing indeed!!!"

Joy Parrish • Licensed Professional Counselor and Behavioral Health Manager at Kaiser Permanente • Podcast Host and Producer • Emmy Award Winning Producer • Fitness Enthusiast

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