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Get to the heart of the matter with a 1-hour intuitive readings.

We'll meet face to face for a conversation where you're safe to divulge and disclose anything that's been weighing on your heart, in order to get the answers and insights you've been longing for.


I know that meeting with an intuitive can be scary or intimidating. What if I tell you something you don't want to hear?

I promise you, this reading is about your empowerment and feeling better about the direction you're going.

Book a 1-Hour Intuitive Reading.

Let's explore the answers to the questions you have and find you the reassurance, insights, clarity, and solutions you're seeking.

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Upon payment you’ll receive an email with instructions where you can book a date and time.

Christina Caudill

I was left with one was she so specific and accurate?!

"Michelle DeWitt is a practical and down to earth person who happens to have this incredible gift of mediumship. I was so pleasantly delighted that my session with her was so grounded and real. It also went very deep in only one hour. We covered a lot. I kept Michelle on her toes as every thing she said triggered more and more questions and the answers kept coming through the cards and through Michelle's intuitive reading of them, without hesitation. She was even able to identify the initials of a relative whom I wanted to connect with who has passed away and I was able to gain closure his mysterious passing.

I was left with one question after the was she so specific and accurate?!If you want to get answers, have fun and have it all be very down-to-earth, Michelle's your woman. Seriously! Best hour ever!"

Laura Fabre • Intuitive Web Designer • Websites With Words

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Upon payment you’ll receive an email with instructions where you can book a date and time.

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