My Relationship with Giving and Taking

My Relationship with Giving and Taking


This is my “I think I’m worth it selfie”

“I want to be loved while I’m here. The only way to be loved is to give love”~Snoop Dogg

What the Doggfather means to say here is that you have to give love to yourself first and then give out in large quantities!  I am sure he would agree…;)

I have had my mind on my money and my money on my mind a lot lately! A big you’re welcome for putting that Snoop Dog song in your head. It was nothing, really!

I’m thinking about money so much because this time of year we are pressured to spend it on stuff and things. Typically, those things and stuff are for other people. Giving feels good, doesn’t it? I love giving. What about receiving? Do you love receiving? I am still learning how to accept receiving without feeling guilty or like I owe something in return. For me, receiving has always been much more challenging than giving.

I have a complicated relationship in my mind with give and take. In many ways, I thought giving kept me safe. I was doing something nice for someone so I felt deserving.

Yes, it was also my pure heart. The kicker was I was giving things and stuff in lieu of being really present with the recipient of my fabulous gift. More importantly, I was doing things for people that I perceived needed something from me and that the beautiful purse I gave them somehow sufficed. Don’t get me wrong here, the gifts were always out of love and were received with love. The difference was I gave things and stuff and had none of my amazing self to give. I used the stuff as a shelter. To boot, I felt weird getting things and stuff. I felt even weirder when someone wanted to give me some amazing part of themselves. I was not good at this giving and receiving thing although, it looked like I had it mastered.

I have experienced so much growth in the last few years. It has been in all areas of my life. From physical health to my emotional well being and my finances. I had no idea how much work I had to do to accept myself and know that I deserve anything and every good thing this life has to offer. I still struggle.

As you all know, I work by hour session. I have packages to buy multiple sessions so that you can save money and more importantly, get to the root of the things you want to change. There are days when I feel stuck in a pattern of how much I am worth versus what I know I can do for someone. I am moving through this and am at the last part of my growth around this issue of knowing my true worth.

I have found the more I step into my power and do what is best for myself, that I have to move on from situations and people that don’t work for me.  I have said goodbye to unhealthy relationships and situations while I am working to be my best self.

Some people aren’t ready for that growth and we both have to move on. It is a painful but necessary part of growth. As I have said, we don’t get to bypass the feelings of loss and sadness when we grow. Its the other side of this growth that is GLORIOUS!I know I cant do this work if I am not completely transparent with all of you. If I really want to help someone show up and speak their truth, I have to do the same. GET TO THE POINT, Michelle!

I don’t want to offer one hour sessions anymore. I feel better already but I know that a handful of my clients wont like this. I will have clients that move on from working with me, but know I will gain many more doing this work the way that feels best to me.

When I do whats best for ME first, then I have more and more to give everyone else.

There are a couple reasons for this. One hour is not nearly enough for us to get to the deep, beautiful, painful, freeing and miraculous changes that my clients seek. I am here to help people transform from one incredible version of themselves to another. I mean, really painful stuff. People come to me when their life does not feel good anymore. I owe them every ounce I have to give.  I am not serving my own purpose by doing a one hour session.

I will be making changes to my business model the first part of 2019. For now, the packages and one hour sessions will be available at the same prices. I did a couple package discounts for the holiday. I will include the links below. Buying a 3 or 5 hour session is the most affordable way to work with me. I have clients who have spent well over the amount for 5 sessions but continue to buy the one hour sessions on an as needed basis. You can use these sessions at your discretion, so it makes more sense to buy the package. The deal for the holiday includes an extra 30 or 60 minute session that can be gifted if you like. That is a deal no matter how you slice it!

You are sacred. What you want for your life and your family is sacred. Wouldn’t you say you are worth $600? $800? $1,000,000?

3 Session Holiday Package

5 Session Holiday Package

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