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“What you seek is seeking you.” - Rumi

Do you have specific, burning questions that you need help with?

A great way to get started with me is through Oracle Card E-Readings. E-Readings are when you send me your questions via email, and I (yes, always me…not an assistant) will sit, tap into your energy, contemplate your question, and pull cards to see what the guides have to say.  

I am a clear lens, and this is a great way to gain fresh perspective on issues that you’ve been ruminating on and pondering to the point of exhaustion. Trust me, I get that.

Call in your guides don’t have to do this alone.

And because I appreciate a person who knows what they want, I’m offering you a two-question email card reading for only $98. 

Let’s get you some answers!

Upon payment you’ll receive an email with instructions on how to submit your two questions.

Christina Caudill

Her reading was both wide and deep...

"Ever since I met Michelle, I sensed her clear and beautiful energy... it's like the warm hug from an angel. I'm very selective with who I choose to do readings with but I had no doubts that Michelle would hold space for me with sensitivity and grace. Her reading was both wide and deep - touching on many issues I was currently facing in business and in my personal life with perceptive insights as to how to navigate the energy for my spiritual growth and success. And as she does everything, she goes above and beyond because she truly cares and is committed to excellence. Michelle is truly a jewel!"

Christina Caudill • Astrologer •

Annick Ina

If your soul has been guided to work with Michelle, there is probably a reason why.

"I have been reading Michelle's reading regularly for the past six months and am always amazed at how it keeps making more sense every time I do so. She was able to see things even before I was fully aware of what was happening. And her reading was a guide to which I quickly ran back once I understood that. Her ability to see right through the situation is fascinating and I know the circumstances that led her to putting that offer out were not a coincidence, but rather the Universe's way of allowing her to put her wisdom and skills at the service of those who needed her. Just like anyone reading this right now.

Annick Ina • Transformational Coach • Author of Soul Superstar

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Upon payment you’ll receive an email with instructions on how to submit your two questions.

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