Knowing When To Take The Leap

Knowing When To Take The Leap

This is the first time I have ever written something with the hopes someone other than a professor would read it! I am absolutely terrified and feel like I am up against a headwind, but I KNOW I am in the right place and that my Mom and at least one friend will read this. Progress.

I’m finally sharing my gifts with the world and accomplishing what I was put on this earth to do. The work that is who I am, and not just what I do. I knew it was time to take that leap.

How do you know when it is time for a big shift in your life?

Think back on positive and negative changes in your own life over the years and reflect on the impetus.

A big breakup? Fired or laid off from a job? Maybe even the end of a significant friendship or death of a loved one?

These are the changes that sometimes feel like they just happen to us and we’re forced to accept and start a new. We had to look for work or heal our broken heart but if we had the choice, we would have stayed put.

Now ask yourself…

How many times in your life have you had deep transformational growth brought on by you and only you?

Sure, you bring the broken heart and lessons from the lost job with you, but this is different. This time you chose to quit that job or end the relationship.

You’re doing what is best for yourself and taking a huge risk in the process. It seems counterintuitive, like you are going against the grain, but nothing can stop you. Deep down you know you are in the right place and it’s time to take that leap.

My leap moment was in 2014. My 13 year marriage was becoming very strained,I was looking for work and finances were tight.

I didn’t have a purpose. I felt like I was “doing” and not “being”.

I felt deeply called to connect to my gifts of intuition and the higher purpose that I always knew would come calling someday. I knew I had to end the marriage because he wouldn’t. This was one of the saddest and loneliest times in my life.

Even during the despair, I had hope. I chose how things were going to go this time. I knew that I could have my life any way I wanted it and that I could make money by doing this work I love so much.

Paying the bills by being myself? It was what I always wanted and knew I deserved. It was a huge transformational shift that I created. It was no cake walk. I was scared and grieving the life that I thought I was suppose to have.

I worked through those feelings and I got to work.

It was my time to shine and be happy. It wasn’t some change that just happened, it was a dimensional shift. No un-ringing the bell, no going back. It was on my terms and it was lasting.

We all have amazing gifts that we were meant to share with the world. I can help you take YOUR leap.

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