Let go and let God……For real this time

Let go and let God……For real this time

We will never see the Moon fully engulf the Sun ever again. Not in this lifetime. I blocked off my calendar for the day yesterday and went for it. I wanted to be a part of history.

I am a So-Cal girl turned Mountain woman and I love it! I live at 5500 feet but find myself trying to get higher every chance I get. I hiked up to about 7500-8000 feet for the eclipse. I wanted to be above the fray while I got clear about what I want for myself and how to let go of the old useless bunkum that I don’t need anymore. I have worked so hard at letting go of patterns and relationships that don’t work for me that I am frankly, sick and tired! It’s exhausting. Seriously.

I joined an amazing group of women to celebrate the eclipse. We were on the hook to dig deep about what we want to manifest and what we want to let go. When you are in the midst of 12 incredibly intuitive women, good luck trying to fake it.

I love to manifest, in fact, have manifested many things in my life. This website being one of them.

The ‘letting go’ part is for the birds. I feel like I am in the rebuilding phase of life. I let go of so many things that sometimes I look around and am floored at how much I have changed. All changes I worked my tushy off to achieve, but now I want to enjoy the fruits of my labor.

Until….I realized it’s still me. The super new and improved version of me. Definitely an upgrade, but some of the old remains.

It’s the old stuff that has crippled me….

I am going to give this ridiculous poppycock it’s props here in this post, ONE more time, then I’m done.

I am finding that it can be disturbingly comforting to hold on to old patterns. They are familiar. Familiar is such a familiar word. One of the definitions of familiar is “unduly intimate, too personal, presuming and taking liberties”. Now I am mad at the word familiar.

I have made it pretty clear to the side of myself that feels like I am not enough that it is time to go.

I thank you for the lessons, now scoot!

Why is letting go so arduous? It just is. Can you remember how you got locked into your negative patterns?

At this point, does it really matter where they came from? Can we just acknowledge that it simply is not working for our best and highest anymore and move on? That is for YOU to answer.

For me, I am moving on to unfamiliar territory.

The blissful unfamiliar place of knowing that the love I have for me is complete. I do not need another’s love to even things out. There is no longer a hole to fill or a circle to complete. The old tried and true adage that we must LOVE ourselves fully to have true happiness is one of a few things I know to be authentic.

The more I loved me, the more I was loved.The more I loved me, the more I loved.

We have everything we need right inside of us. Let go and let God.

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  1. I hope you write more about self love soon! This is so the journey I’m on right now. All the self-abuse of “I’m not good enough” and “I don’t deserve” and “I’m bad” has got to leave ONCE AND FOR ALL. This post is a beautiful reminder of that.

    • I am sure I will! It is the one thing I imagine I will grapple with forever. I am so grateful to have a group of people like you around me that are willing to talk about these things. It comes from the deepest place within us and is like being nude under a fluorescent light! (Except not as awful…)

    • Thank you, Hailey! I hope yours was magical too! I am still feeling it a bit, its an all around amazing week.

  2. I love the part about it doesn’t matter where or how we got our negative patterns just let them go. Blaming hurts so much! Thanks for your wonderful work!

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