Remove Your Emotional Blocks,
Find Your Purpose,

and Tell Your Story

Are you ready for real transformation -  the kind you’ve been yearning for, and attempting over and over  with no real results?

To get lasting results we need to change our actual mindset. 

People think they change these things, but often they don’t realise how they have buried subconscious thoughts and patterns sabotaging them.

Clearing emotional blocks and limiting beliefs in regards to relationship hurdles, career and work, and discovering your purpose and vocational life, will allow you to step forward into the life you want for good.


"Exactly what I needed to hear..."

"Michelle is wonderful! She is kind, generous, and has beautiful energy. Her guidance was completely spot on! Exactly what I needed to hear at the time and so beautifully shared. I highly recommend working with her in anyway that feels good for you. Her services will not disappoint."

Marisa Alejandro

I believe timing is divine,
and guess what...

You are Here!

Here's how you can get started on your breakthroughs:

We all have a purpose for being here. 

I come across people time and time again that feel they will never live with true authentic purpose and joy. I hear stories of how people are somewhat satisfied with certain aspects of their life. Read that last sentence again. Somewhat satisfied and only certain aspects? 

They have told themselves that its OK to feel aligned with certain parts of their lives and the rest is the sacrifice they need to make in order to keep others happy. Whether It be their job, the relationships they have invested years and so much of themselves into, or just personal dreams and ambitions that have been put on hold or never discovered.

Jennifer Munley

"I receive great confirmation..."

"Each time Michelle has read for me her accuracy has been right on. She is compassionate and generous in her sharing. After speaking with Michelle I always feel comforted, hopeful, understand what areas in my life need more attention, and I receive great confirmation. She is a gifted medium and psychic and I wouldn't hesitate to work with her again."

Jennifer Munley • Mind & Body Coaching • Energy Work •


"She was a voice to Divine connection and support that was THE GREATEST GIFT!!!"

"Michelle's card pull and reading for me was so incredibly spot on. Simply put, it was FUNtastic! What she was able to intuitively tune into and offer me was undeniable clarity and encouragement. She was a voice to Divine connection and support that was THE GREATEST GIFT!!! Don't we all LOVE being reminded how supported and loved we are? Especially when it comes in the form of a reading that could be for no one else, but personably and uniquely for us! That's what Michelle does! She offers a priceless gift that fuels that light shining from within. I wasn't skeptical of this gift. I would challenge anyone who is, to give her a chance to show you what's possible. And if you know it is, to allow her to bless you that much more!"

Denise Metzgar Taylor • Special Event Coordinator for preplanned SURPRISE Celebrations of Life • Speaker •

Joy Parrish

"Her intuitive accuracy is phenomenal!"

"I always leave Michelle's readings feeling focused on what I need to do next in my life. She is the perfect mix of professional, funny, calming, and confident in her sessions. A true blessing indeed!"

Joy Parrish • Licensed Professional Counselor • Emmy Award Winning Producer

Laura Licata

"I've come out of the closet as a website channeller!"

"I've been hiding my woo side in my business for years. I didn't think I could be myself in MY OWN business. I create websites and I was always channelling in the designs from the beginning and using my energy healing in the process. I totally hid this.

I also hid my story and my woo side by having a really bland about page on my website.

That is until working with Michelle DeWitt. Through multiple readings Michelle inspired me to come out of the woo closet after 3 years of hiding and trying hard to always stay “professional”.

Something has opened up in me!"

Laura Licata • Web Designer • Psychic Healer

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