Staying Connected

Staying Connected

A week has passed since my site was launched. Now the real work begins. I have to take more risks each day to tell you who I am and how I think I can help.

Launching the site was a huge risk, but it does not end here. It would be nice if I could sit back and watch the clients roll in like a tidal wave, but I have to make this happen also.

I am creating the life and work I want for myself. For this I am so grateful!

Everyday, hope springs eternal.

Then I get a Tyson right hook to the kisser. It dawns on me that there is a day to day grind that goes along with all these warm fuzzies and breakthroughs.

Like everything else getting to this point, it is terrifying. My old feelings of low self-worth come out. I want to retreat, even for a moment and say “Screw it!”

I want to help you and others push through the fear yet I want to give in to it at least once a week.

I suppose I should give myself some credit for not giving in, but the thought alone can be paralyzing.

Yesterday marked the start of eclipse season. At 11:11 am PST, (I have also read 11:12, but I LOVE 11:11, so I am going with it!), there was a partial lunar eclipse in Aquarius.

By keeping up with the gifted and insightful astrologer, Christina Caudill, I am eclipse ready. The mastermind behind tells us that, “Aquarius is about community and the causes that bring us together. It can also be about alienation and what keeps us from connecting to our fellow human beings.”

Reading this was a relief. I was feeling like pulling back into my tortoise shell. Again.

My purpose in doing this work is to stay connected with a community of amazing people like you.

Staying connected can feel like a grind, but I am committed.

Helping people is my calling, but not at the expense of having all these amazing connections for myself too. So when I am editing with Word Press or being nuanced to death over links, I feel very disconnected from people and the thing I love most.

The “grind” can feel counterintuitive to my work. Instead of letting it pull me away, I am staying with you and you are staying with me.

In honor of eclipse season and this full moon yesterday, I am going to release all my fear around failure.

The community of people around me are the most supportive and intentional people I have ever known and they will not let me slip away and turn into a robot.

Do you have a community of people to help you stay connected?  Well, we are here for you.

Happy Eclipse Season!


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