"If your soul has been guided to work with Michelle, there is probably a reason why."

"I have been reading Michelle's reading regularly for the past six months and am always amazed at how it keeps making more sense every time I do so. 

Michelle was able to see things even before I was fully aware of what was happening. And her reading was a guide to which I quickly ran back once I understood that. Her ability to see right through the situation is fascinating and I know the circumstances that led her to putting that offer out were not a coincidence, but rather the Universe's way of allowing her to put her wisdom and skills at the service of those who needed her. Just like anyone reading this right now. If your soul has been guided to work with Michelle, there is probably a reason why. 

Annick Ina • Transformational Coach and Author of Soul Superstar

"Michelle is a very valuable person in my life and can't thank her enough."

This is one of my favorite readings that I've had with Michelle.

I was going out of town for my nieces wedding and talked to Michelle before I made the trip. Without me saying anything to her she brought up the trip and she told me that I had to talk to my dad’s sister, my aunt because she would have answers regarding my birth.

Something she had been telling me for almost 3 years

By working through these issues with Michelle, I had the courage to ask my family if I was adopted. I am adopted, and everyone around me knew that I was adopted except me of course.

Both of my parents have passed away and never said anything to me , not even at the end of their lives.

As of today I have found part of my birth family and just waiting to meet my sisters and birth mother.

Again I don't have words to thank Michelle for her accuracy of her readings, specially when she carefully approached the subject of details surrounding my birth. Michelle is a very valuable person in my life and can't thank her enough......Thank you Michelle!!!

Claudia • San Diego

"I'm recommending Michelle to my friends!"

My session with Michelle was so insightful.

We were able to connect with my Grandmother and share information she couldn't have possibly known otherwise. Beyond the fun and excitement of connecting with loved ones, Michelle was able to tap into things going on in my life currently. She offered additional perspective and recommendations on how to work through them.

I loved my session with Michelle and am recommending her to friends!

Jennifer • Queens, New York

"We got some clear messages..."

Michelle was such a joy to work with and is very talented! We got some clear messages about both my business and some amazing insights from departed loved ones.

I will definitely get another reading soon.

Melissa • Denver, Colorado

"Michelle brought forward deep rooted issues that I was overlooking."

Michelle is amazing!

She connected with my passed loved ones and also tapped into Spirit to provide me lots of insight into my life.

She brought forward deep rooted issues that I was overlooking and helped me to recognize that it is important to follow my heart and true desires.

She made talking and opening up so comfortable. She had such warmth and grace, I could truly be myself.

I recommend working with Michelle if you need clarity on any issue and want to feel supported in the process!

Much Love!!

Sarah • Reno, Nevada

"I was blown away by the results! "

I had such an amazing session with Michelle. It was the first time I had worked with a medium, so I wasn't sure what to expect. I was blown away by the results!

She told me things that were so unexpected and profound, it has had a huge impact on my life. I highly recommend working with Michelle. She is truly gifted. 

Sherry • New York, New York

"Michelle made me feel empowered and supported."

I was referred to Michelle by a friend. I was looking for some insight on some big life changes I was going through. It was such a pleasant surprise!

She made me feel empowered and supported. She wanted to know what I valued most about myself so I could use my gifts just as she is using hers. I have since used her several times when I am looking for some positivity and comfort. Her insight and intuition are true gifts to anyone who needs it. 

Thanks, Michelle!

Paula • San Diego, California


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