You Are Worth It. You Are Enough.

You Are Worth It. You Are Enough.

I promise I get tired of talking about myself. I used to love it but now I want to hear your stories and adventures. We will get to that, but for now I have to talk about my amazing and infinite wisdom. (Do you sense the sarcasm?)

This week I was so blessed. I spent 6 glorious days in Silverthorne/Breckinridge area. It’s in the high country of Colorado, only an hour from where I live.

Literally, living the dream. Doing this work remotely, on my terms. I even hesitate to call it work because I love it so much.

Even better, I got to spend it with a dear friend. It was a work/fun trip for both of us.

I wanted to give myself some quiet in the mountains the week before I launched my website, which is tomorrow in real time, ahhhhhhhhh!! No sleep for me tonight.

I have always been entrepreneurial. I didn’t want a boss or a cubical. I managed to avoid these things for the most part although my clients became my boss. I still liked that freedom much better than the alternative. When I became my own boss many years ago I would still say that I couldn’t wait until I was really doing my own thing or that I wasn’t tied to this, that or the other.

Good grief. A million dollars could have smacked me in the face and I would have still asked for a million dollars. I WAS doing my own thing.

Clearly, I was not satisfied if I yammered on about doing something different.

I imagine the people around me at that time. I feel like I am in “ungrateful recovery” and need to tell them all how bad I feel about subjecting them to my whining.

If you have read any of my other inexhaustible insights, you will know there are a couple running themes here. I spent a lot of years not happy, not having a clue what to do about it and that self deprecation gets the point across.

I thought it was normal to be stressed all the time.

I thought I was a victim of circumstance and lived in a sea of “have to’s”. If I kept on about how Herculean my efforts were, then I wouldn’t have to look inside myself. It worked like a charm.

I also forgot something very important in this process. I had done several things I set out to do. I never gave myself permission to be proud or content. It wasn’t enough. I wasn’t enough.

It is quite possible I will say this at some point in almost everything I write, so here it is again:

Do the work on yourself.

Stop making excuses by saying you are too busy, stressed, or (my personal favorite), have already tried that! It is the kind of work that requires only you and your thoughts and actions. (Another way to work on yourself if through the Transformative Shift program that I offer.)

Start by changing one small thought in your mind. Turn the negative statement into a positive one and see what happens. Tell yourself that you deserve any and everything you can imagine. Nothing is unattainable.

I have traveled a lot. I have always appreciated its wonder. This trip to Breckenridge was different. I finally felt that I deserved to do this for myself. I soaked in every second and became giddy over the fact that I created this for myself. IT’S HARD WORK, but worth every second.

You are worth it. You are enough.

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